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And then, allow me to analyze and recommend the fastest way to get your home sold through professional staging, curb appeal, my UNMATCHED marketing plan, and out-of-the-box ideas that are so HOT, they landed me a spot on National TV with HGTV's House Hunters!

Here are a few great tips (don't worry, I'll share more when we meet) to make your home irresistible and marketable to buyers.

*Get your property listed on the MLS and work with a realtor who will provide maximum marketing and online exposure! 90% of homes are found through the use of the internet and realtor-based programs!! Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell on your own--you’ll pay for it in the long run.

*De-personalize: Pack up those personal photographs and family heirlooms and remove photographs from table-tops. You want to give the buyer the opportunity to identify with the house and they can’t if you’re there! 

*De-Clutter: Put away items that are sitting on countertops and tables, pack up those knickknacks, and clean off everything on the kitchen and bathroom counters. 

*Organize the closets: Line up shoes, neatly stack dishes, and make sure that  all kitchen appliances (microwave, stove, etc.) are cleaned out.

*Kill the offensive odors-They're the first thing buyers notice, and often a permanent turnoff.

*Everything from floors to windows must be spotless!!
       -Rent a pressure washer and spray down sidewalks and exterior
       -Clean out cobwebs
       -Re-caulk tubs, showers and sinks
       -Polish chrome faucets and mirrors
       -Clean out the refrigerator
       -Vacuum daily 
       -Wax floors
       -Dust furniture, ceiling fan blades and light fixtures
       -Bleach dingy grout
       -Replace worn rugs
       -Hang up fresh towels

*Rent a Storage Unit- Almost every home shows better with less furniture. Remove pieces of furniture that block or hamper paths and walkways and put them in storage.

*Check Curb Appeal-If a buyer won't get out of the agent's car because they doesn't like the exterior of your home, you'll never get them inside.
       -Keep the sidewalks cleared. 
       -Mow the lawn.
       -Paint faded window trim.
       -Plant yellow flowers or group flower pots together. Yellow evokes a 
        buying emotion. Marigolds are inexpensive.
      -Trim your bushes.
      -Make sure visitors can clearly read your house number.

                        REMEMBER--you only get one chance to make a first impression!!

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