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  • My experience in REO, foreclosure and distressed homes will ensure you are getting the best price!
  • I empower my clients with all the information needed to make an INFORMED decision.
  • My team of preferred experts makes getting financing, inspecting, and closing on a home easy!
  • I'm a MASTER NEGOTIATOR and I Pull TOP DOLLAR and less days on market on the Homes I Sell!
  • I am Reliable.....Dependable......and Dedicated to YOUR needs!!
  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION followed by EDUCATION is the perfect recipe for success...
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See What Others Have to Say About Winter Baserva: 


Everything you read about Winter here is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. She is AMAZING and her marketing and home selling expertise brought me 4 offers in 11 days!!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE in a down market Winter brought me a FULL-PRICE offer  on the 11th day AND had a fully-executed back up as well. I've watched homes in this neighborhood sit for 100-200 days and not sell. NOTHING about this transaction was easy, but Winter walked the buyers, the other agent, the attorney and the lender through the transaction. It was like watching a powerhouse! There was never a doubt that I would hire Winter, but she NEVER CEASED to amaze me with her energy, pride of work and professionalism. I have referred her to everyone I know and have been and will always be her WALKING BILLBOARD. If you even come CLOSE to having the possibility to work with her, consider yourself lucky! From Her marketing to her professionalism, to her dedication, to her experience, Winter IS ATLANTA REAL ESTATE!
R. Friedrich, VP Data Enterprise Architecture, Equifax


You SAVED our lives! LITERALLY!
Winter is a ROCK-STAR and I would be in a TOUGH financial situation if it wasn't for her skills. I held two mortgages and needed to sell one of them FAST. She told me
EXACTLY what I needed to do to sell my house quickly (even though I wanted to do things differently at times). 

I had already gone through 2 other agents who were unsuccessful in their attempts. Within THREE MONTHS, she had us a FULL-PRICE offer and we closed in less than THREE WEEKS. 

We are SO fortunate to have someone with such a solid marketing background. The way our home got sold was not off the MLS, but off one of the MANY websites she markets too and the Mom of the buyer found it online and sent it to them. WORDS WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE. This or any other testimonial on this site will NEVER compare to the outstanding agent and real estate extraordinaire that you truly are. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

P.S. She is about to sell my townhouse and we CAN'T WAIT to buy a "steal of a deal" with her. Her selling and buying strategies are unlike ANY we've ever seen.
R. & L. Philips




We hired Winter to help us find our first home. Unfortunately, we had to sell our condo before we could buy. She told us that the first thing we needed to do was to list our property, but we wanted to see what was "out there" before we did. 

Well, in our home search, the second home we visited ended up being "THE ONE"...only we had to sell first. We listed our property with Winter IMMEDIATELY (we should have taken her advice and put in on the market sooner) and we tried to put a "contingency" offer in on our dream home that the seller did not accept. Less than 10 days after Winter listed our condo, we had an offer and we were able to go after our dream property again, but this time without a contingency offer and with Winter's negotiating skills, we GOT IT!! 

Just when we thought things couldn't get any better,
Winter approached us that she was being featured on HGTV's House Hunters and asked us if we would like to be a part of it with her. We LOVE the show and were honored she chose us! Our episode comes out this Spring.

I'd have to say that we encounted A LOT of hurdles in the home buying process....from getting the loan, to getting the home repairs fixed, this was NOT an easy process. But, Winter was with us the entire way and helped navigate the process. I can remember times where we'd be on the phone with her past 11 p.m. or before 8 a.m. She was our champion and fought for everything we needed throughout the transaction.
I would
absolutely refer her to my friends and family. How could we not?? In less than 6 months, she was able to sell our condo (in the worst possible condo market ever), negotiate our dream home for us, and get our first home buying experience on National television. Thanks for everything Winter!

-B. & K. Wolk





This world-wide investment group discusses how Winter Baserva has helped them see BIG RETURNS on flipping homes.



Our home had previously been listed with another agent for 6 months before we hired Winter and it did not sell. She came in and REALLY educated us on the proper price of the home. She wasn't afraid to tell us the things we "didn't" want to hear. Then, she had her stager come in and tell us to remove a TON of furniture and rugs. We COULDN'T believe how differently a buyer views a home compared to how we did. Winter was AMAZING in painting the value of our home. She placed story cards all over to really help the buyers understand what we have done to the home. She worked DAY AND NIGHT and we could reach her at ANYTIME. In just 4 months our house SOLD!!! We can't thank you ENOUGH for getting us downsized to a condo and selling our home in one of the toughest home markets we've seen in a long time. We not only sold our home and bought our condo with Winter, but we made a friend for life!!! THANK YOU AND VOTE FOR WINTER!!!
T. & C. Christensen, Coca-Cola Company


While on an International vacation, this home seller had a leak in his home. As his agent, I made sure to check on the home while he was away. 

Within hours of the occurance, my amazing agent Winter Baserva had determined there was a leak and immediately called a water remediation company. She coordinated with the heating and air guys, helped me file a home owners insurance claim, dealt with the dry cleaning and even washed our clothes that were in our closet for us. She even went as far to pay the plumber (of course I reimbursed her). If it wasn't for her, I would have been looking at $20-40,000 worth of damage. Because we had to deal with claim, we decided to take it off the market while I fixed everything. When I go to sell again, there is no doubt in my mind that Winter will be the one I hire again. I think it speaks VOLUMES that you have a testimonial from a seller who didn't get the chance to sell their home with her...YET. She is the ONLY agent you EVER want in your court. Vote for Winter, I sure did and she saved my life!!!



Sherry and Tyler set out to find their FIRST perfect home.
Winter Baserva had the knowledge, experience and ability to get them there. And, their story was so unique, it was featured on the hit International TV show HGTV's House Hunters. Here is what they have to say about the experience:
Winter made the entire experience of buying a home so easy. We found our home the VERY first weekend we looked. She kept saying to trust our "gut" and that you don't always need to see 100 homes to know when you've found the one. Soon after, Winter asked us if we wanted to share our story on HGTV's House Hunters. We were over the moon EXCITED. This was Winter's second episode and she is the ONLY agent in ATL featured on the show 2 times. We had a blast doing the show and our agent couldn't have been a better help. If you're looking for someone to streamline the process, take out the hassle and make your life easy, hire Winter...And, who knows, she may just feature you in her next episode. We'll be a referral source for her for life. 
S. & T. Graham


We are glad you enjoyed the chocolates; who wouldn’t? ;)  As we said, we also truly enjoyed working with you.  You are head and shoulders above the fray and we will recommend you to anyone who wants to hear it!  We have worked with several real estate agents over the years but you are the first person whom we felt was really working for us.
M. Cloutier, Kimberly Clark Corporation


DON'T WALK, RUN TO WINTER. She is SO busy and can only be with a certain amount of clients at a time and if you are one of the lucky ones she chooses, you will reap the benefits BIG TIME. I CAN'T believe we got our dream home...FINALLY!!! We had been through several realtors who weren't getting our needs. When we found Winter online, she immediately found us our dream home. She was SO informative and stuck with us from beginning to end. We knew the house we had was the BEST, but were SHOCKED to find out how much equity we had in it--even in a down market. We are forever grateful and she is our friend for life. We thank you Winter, we couldn't have done it without you!!!

-W. & B. Archie




Here is another testimonial from a VERY HAPPY first time home buyer...


We found Winter while surfing the internet and looking for information on foreclosures and short sales.  From the moment I requested information via web, Winter was prompt with her follow-up even though we had not met yet and I was skeptic about the process as a whole.  She left us with a comforting feeling after our first meeting and I knew right away that she will be bringing a high level of energy to the process that we where lacking with a different agent.  Credit goes to Winter for wining our business. She took time to get to know our preferences and directed us to properties that she knew we would like.

I give Winter high marks for her detailed follow-ups.  She is very thorough and every request we had along the way, she took time to research and provided details that go over and beyond what we expected.  She is a good listener and in our experience never tried to push us in a direction we didn’t want to go. 

As we where buying a short sale house, Winter was good at managing our expectations.  She was cautiously optimistic through the process and provided good follow-up that we understand easily.  We liked the way she managed some surprises behind the scene and had it all sorted out with a game plan before we came to know about it.

We had a wonderful overall experience with her and will highly recommend her.
V. & V. Pandita


These folks were estatic when I got their current home under contract in two days and moved them into their dream home just a few short weeks later!

And, here is ANOTHER extremely happy home buyer!!!


There's a difference between a real estate agent and someone who loves her job, Winter Baserva LOVES her job and she is AMAZING at it. As a first time investor, she helped navigate the entire process from the offer to the price to setting up the contractors. She made it so easy, I'm already looking for my next great deal with her. If you are one of the lucky chosen that she agrees to represent, BE GRATEFUL! Not many agents have the luxury of picking and choosing who they work with and she is definately one of them. Kudos all round. She's UNBELIEVABLE!! 
P. Champion


This is an amazing true story of a young family who set out to find their dream home and ended up capatalizing on one of the BEST buying times in American History.

The Grimes found Winter Baserva while surfing the internet. "After our first conversation with her, I knew we had the right agent. She sent us a package of information all about schools, which was very important to us, in addition to just about everything you could expect when purchasing a home even before we ever met her."

So, they started out looking in the Marietta/Roswell areas and it wasn't long until they found "THE ONE". However, "the one" was a Marietta foreclosure and sold as is, where is. "Our detailed home inspection revealed mold issues, roof leaks, electrical problems and a slew of other distressing news. Winter came right in and recommended everyone we needed to talk to to get more clear on what we were working with. She said that the 'unknown' is the scary part and once we had full reports from licensed contractors, we would have an accurate assesment of what we were dealing with. Being that we had young children, the mold issue was our biggest concern. But, together we tackled all the appointments and got a realistic picture of what the home's condition. What I loved about Winter, was she tried to talk us out of this home several times, but we loved it, so instead she went back to the bank and was able to negotiate additional money off our already deeply discounted price which was just the cherry topping of it all. We would have moved forward even if she hadn't done that for us. I would highly recommend working with Winter if you need a STELLAR agent. So much so, we've also hired her to sell our other home as well."


Thank you for your help with the recent purchase of our house. We count ourselves truly fortunate that we stumbled across your website online and had the opportunity to work with you. As first time home buyers, we were slow to jump into the real estate market. The fact that you were patient and thoughtful, never pushy, was really what we needed and it eased us into the entire process.

We have enjoyed the time that we have spent with you, your professionalism as well as your friendship. We can’t thank you enough for your countless hours of house-hunting! I will never forget how you told us, "Don’t get discouraged, if we don’t find one today, we can look at hundreds of houses if we need to in order to find the right one." And you were serious.

We are thrilled with our new purchase, not only because we know that it is a solid, beautiful home but also for the investment that we have made. We are floored that our appraisal came in 20% higher than the price we paid. I don’t know many real estate agents that can boast such an accomplishment in today’s market.

Lastly, we are very excited to see you in your episode of "House Hunters" and we consider ourselves lucky to have gotten to work with your before you were "discovered"! If there was a Realtor Walk of Fame, you would definitely have a star!

-M. & C. Montabert

My husband and I moved to Atlanta last summer.  My husband found an ad on Craigslist and told me I "HAD" to call!  That is how our relationship with Winter started.  She was friendly, helpful and most of all she LISTENED to our needs, wants and concerns!!!  How many times have we had experiences with realtor's that are pushy, take forever to get back to you and basically seem to care more about getting you to buy than finding something you LOVE??  We had quite a few experiences like that ourselves.  Winter was extremely patient with us.  Although we moved here in June 2008, we did not purchase a house until April 2009.  She was with us all the way!!  Promptly answering emails and phone calls....researching information when we had TONS of questions, and NEVER making us feel pressured!   We feel so fortunate to have found Winter and been able to have such a wonderful experience buying a home with ALL her help and knowledge!! 

And best of all, we could of NEVER got our deal of a lifetime without her

The Cline Family





My story is different than most that you will read. Winter represented the buyers on my home that I was selling. When was the last time you read a testimonial from the people on the "other team?" 

I had the home listed with another agent, but I found throughout the process Winter was truly the spot on professional I needed to contact to answer my questions and concerns. She was professional, attentive and such a pleasure to work with. She did a much better job than the person I hired to sell my home. So much so, that I am using her to buy a condo in Atlanta.  THANKS FOR SELLING MY HOME WINTER!!!

M. Barnes, Former State Representative



When George and I began looking for our new home, we had no idea we would find it in Georgia, nor did we imagine it would have been such an enjoyable and stress free experience. It's not easy to find what you're looking for and within your price point, from out of state, without the help of such a talented and knowledgeable realtor. 
We are about to celebrate our first year in our new home and have enjoyed it very much. Thank you for helping us realize our dream!
We will be leaving soon to spend the summer in Rhode Island, but I'm sure that Hampton will very soon become our permanent residence.
Best regards,
Carolyn and George                                                         


We engaged Winter Baserva primarily to focus on foreclosures in the East Cobb area. Under her guidance, she set us up in her  proprietary software that focuses on  good deals. We fell in love with a home she sent us through the system that was a short sale.

We had never dealt with a short sale before, but Winter assured us that she was an expert in the process.  She set the expectations for us clearly up front and explained that it could be a long process and the bank or banks may not approve the short sale.  As the transaction moved on, we found out the listing agent was not well versed in short sales and Winter immediately took lead in working with the seller, banks, and our lender to expedite the process.  She would have done anything to make sure we would get the house we were so in love with.

At one point of the process, the banks decided to push the home into foreclosure, but Winter quickly stepped in and convinced the bank to change directions in our favor.

There is no doubt the process was long and hard, but Winter engaged us consistently with status updates, recommendations for inspectors, took care of coordinating information with the lender, and went above and beyond to ensure success. We officially closed on  10/28/09 and are very excited to be in our new home! There is no doubt that we would  not have achieved this without Winter and her expertise. We were so pleased with her services, we’ve hired her to sell our other home in Sandy Springs. We would highly recommend Winter Baserva to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, professional, hardworking and marketing expert. 

We like you as a realtor, but love you as a person!  The time you spent with the kids in the home was way more personal than most people in your position would engage.  You actually enjoy it and make the extra effort to make it personal...something tells me that free babysitting card was just a ploy to see the kiddies.

-F. & N. Shmays


My husband and I found Winter when we were “playing around” on the internet last fall and starting to think about moving.  Since we had to sell before we could buy, she encouraged us to put our house on the market first. It was a very tough market and not an ideal time to sell.  We had a ton of showings and no offers.  Winter worked with us throughout that time and was very responsive with feedback, suggestions and information that would help us sell.  We had the itch to move and even though we didn't have any buyers yet, she still brought us to see new places. In early spring, our house still hadn’t sold and we decided to take it off the market. 

 A month later, my husband passed away.  The circumstances were tragic and I knew that I had to get out of my house and move closer to work, it was the right thing to do for my daughter and I and I knew that I wanted to hire Winter again to help with it.  Winter moved quickly and put together an aggressive  marketing plan to re-list the house.  Within three days of putting the home back on the market with the advice Winter had given me, we had a multiple full-price offers.  Winter is smart about how she prices and markets homes. Not only is she a market expert, but she knows what it takes to get a deal done. 


She also negotiated a FABULOUS DEAL on my new home while she was selling my old one. When she went in with our first offer, I thought it seemed too aggressive, but she hadn't steered me wrong yet, so I trusted her and went with it. I ended up getting the perfect place for my needs with a perfect price to match and Winter was the cornerstone for making that all happen for me.


Two things are most impressive about Winter.  First, she knows the market and she employs are perfect mix of web-based tools and personalized service to deliver results.  She became my friend during this process and went above and beyond what is expected of a realtor.  She even babysat for me! Second and most importantly, Winter is a master negotiator.  She has the kind of instincts for getting a deal done that can't be taught. She knows how to read people and interpret a situation to her client's advantage.  I have to say that she was 100% spot-on at each step of the process for the sale of my first house and the purchase of my new one.  After my husband’s death I really needed someone who would go to bat for me and do whatever it took to get me the best deal possible.  And, she even helped me when I got locked out of the new house on moving day! 


Thanks Winter, for being there for Rory and I--we are so lucky to have found you!


-Abbie and Rory Henderson



I am writing this letter in strong recommendation of Winter Baserva, and in hopes that you may learn from my mistakes. I had worked with Winter for approximately six months to a year in search for my first home.  Due to some life changes, I decided to take a break from my search.

With the considerable incentives (e.g. tax credits) being offered at the time I always kept my eye on the market hoping  that my dream home would appear. In August 2009 I found my home, and as a result of that coincidence I made the decision to work with a different realtor that was a trusted family friend.  I made an offer on the home a few days after first seeing it and within a couple of weeks I was under contract for a late September closing.

Unfortunately, as the process moved along I was continually let down by the lack of attention to detail the realtor showed in various aspects of the purchase. To say the least, I was very disappointed with her ability to manage the purchase process and to work in conjunction with the selling agent, the lender and the attorney.  After a rough month or so my closing date was pushed into October and my frustration came to an all time high. While in the end I am happy in my new home,  I look back on the process and realize that I could have made a much better decision and would have been much happier working with Winter.

Winter was always very attentive to any of my needs or questions and her attention to detail is impeccable. While it is very obvious that some people in the profession are simply in it for the commission checks, that is not the case with Winter. She truly cares about her clients and views her career as an opportunity to establish long-term relationships. Even though we did not work together on my purchase, Winter has continued to keep in contact with me, which I believe shows a great deal of character. For that reason, when I am in a position in the future to purchase another home I am hopeful that Winter will take me back and work with me.

If you have any questions or feel that I can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact me.


Ryan D. Hojnacki


My fiance and I are first time homebuyers and are moving to Atlanta from out-of-state. I had found Winter online and contacted her just to get a peek into the market.  She was so responsive, attentive, and easy to work with that one thing just lead to another and now we have a home that we bought for an almost unbelievable price! Winter never rushed us and thoroughly explained each step that we needed to take. We really felt like she was our friend! We couldn't have asked for a better realtor and we COULDN'T of asked for a BETTER DEAL!

C. Orr & J. Poovey




My husband and I are new to home investing, so we knew that finding a real estate agent whom we could trust to guide us through the decision making process was crucial. We found that Winter was a perfect choice because not only is she a real estate agent, but she is also an investor too and her advice was obviously based on years of experience!! She gave us the confidence necessary to make a sound and profitable decision on our first investment and we are currently focusing on our next one. She is a good match for us and we are looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with her!!!

-C. & R. Parris, Investors



Winter is an absolute MUST-HAVE when even thinking about purchasing property.  No matter how many clients she has, she makes you feel like you are the only one and your property is the MOST IMPORTANT. While she can give unbiased opinions on a property, she also feels and shares in the excitement with you as if it were her own. She knows EXACTLY what questions to ask to facilitate the process and makes everything seamless. We will NEVER purchase or sell another property without her!

Winter--You really have been great.  We honestly feel that without you, we would not have been able to get the home of our dreams at the price of our WILDEST DREAMS.  You are so great at what you do and it's obvious that you love your career!!! Thanks so much for everything!

E. & J. Bright, Delta Pilot



Winter made finding the right home as easy and painless as possible.  She ALWAYS makes time for her clients and is willing to answer questions whenever you have them.  She is quick to respond to emails and was always available for an appointment on MY schedule.  I can tell she is busy and has tons of clients, yet I always felt like I was her #1 priority and that she would do anything to get me into the right home for me.  She listened when I described what I wanted and would never waste my time with properties that didn't fit my needs.
Winter is willing to FIGHT for your price and help you get the best deal possible.  She has the experience to give qualified suggestions and guidance, but at the same time, she represents your interests without pushing her thoughts or ideas over your own.  She will look after you through the entire process and help you make the right moves all along the way.
With Winter as your realtor, you will know that you are in good hands and getting the best service out there.  She is professional, efficient, attentive, friendly, and GREAT AT WHAT SHE DOES!  I would recommend Winter to anyone!

-J. Flynn 




Winter was very professional, knowledgeable and responsive.  She was always there for us when we needed her assistance.  She is a pleasure to work with and a real estate professional I would highly recommend.
-S. & F. Kearney, Investors





I am writing this letter in strong recommendation of Winter Baserva, and in hopes that you may learn from my mistakes. I had worked with Winter for approximately six months to a year in search for my first home.  After a significant amount of time and effort,  I was unable to find a home that worked for me and decided to take a break from my search.

With the considerable incentives (e.g. tax credits) being offered at the time I always kept my eye on the market hoping  that my dream home would appear. In August 2009 I found my home, and as a result of that coincidence I made the decision to work with a different realtor that was a trusted family friend.  I made an offer on the home a few days after first seeing it and within a couple of weeks I was under contract for a late September closing.


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